Traffic On Motorway

Zagreb/Lučko - jctn. Karlovac
Regularly, moist roadway

jctn. Karlovac - jctn. Bosiljevo 2
Wet roadway

jctn. Bosiljevo 2 - jctn. Kikovica
No traffic for I group of vehicles
phone info line
+385 1 6504 899

Advice for driving on a motorway

During summer months, motorway traffic is extremely dense and occasionally there is congestion due to high traffic demand. We appeal to the users due to their safety and safety of other traffic participants to show a high level of responsibility while driving, because, unfortunately, in the last few days, we have witnessed several serious traffic accidents with fatalities.


Traffic in Croatia

on date 22.01.2019 at 10:43 - data from Croatian Automobile Club

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Weather Forecast

for Croatia on 22.01.2019 - data from Meteorological and hydrological service

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