Autocesta Rijeka - Zagreb d.d., a company for construction and operation of the motorway, Zagreb, Širolina 4, OIB: 96330310281 (hereinafter: ARZ) hereby notifies its contactless electronic toll collection users in the in the post-paid system with a credit/INA card (Master, Visa, Visa Premium, Diners and INA), of the news considering the use of their ARZ ENC device. Starting from 17 August 2020, the device, in accordance with the contract with ARZ, besides the motorways and/or tolled structures operated by ARZ (A1 – from Lučko junction to Bosiljevo, A6 – from Bosiljevo junction to Grobnik, A7 Rupa and the Krk Bridge ) and motorways and/or tolled structures operated by the company HRVATSKE AUTOCESTE d.o.o. (hereinafter: HAC) can be used, with no additional registration, on the Istrian Y Motorway as well (which includes the 141km long sections Umag-Pula and Kanfanar –Matulji), operated by the company BINA-ISTRA d.d. (hereinafter: BINA.

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On the two-lane roads the emergency corridor is formed by moving the vehicles in the right lane as far as possible to the right and the vehicles in the left lane as far as possible to the left. On three-lane roads, the middle lane is cleared by moving the vehicles in the middle lane as far as possible to the right and by providing access to emergency vehicles.

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Advice for driving on a motorway


During summer months, motorway traffic is extremely dense and occasionally there is congestion due to high traffic demand. We appeal to the users due to their safety and safety of other traffic participants to show a high level of responsibility while driving, because, unfortunately, in the last few days, we have witnessed several serious traffic accidents with fatalities.

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ETC packages can be purchased at all Toll Plazas 24/7.
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Name of the project: CROCODILE II CROATIA
Project number: 2015-HR-TM-0114-W
Project coordinator: Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Republic of Croatia
Project partners:
  • Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o., Zagreb
  • Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb d.d., Zagreb
  • Hrvatske ceste d.o.o., Zagreb
  • Bina-Istra d.d., Zagreb
  • Autocesta Zagreb-Macelj d.o.o., Zagreb
Project objective:

CROCODILE II CROATIA project includes administrators of Croatian roads and motorways, with the aim of coordinated management and traffic control, as well as achieving coordination of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), which will result in high-quality services of informing passengers at one of the most important road corridors in Europe. DATEX II standard will be used for the exchange of data and information between centers for control and traffic management, traffic information centers, providers and users of services in traffic at the European level.


Main objectives of the CROCODILE II CROATIA project are:
  • establishing access points in accordance with ITS Directive and EU Guidelines;
  • informing users on traffic safety in real time;
  • improving traffic flow and reducing traffic congestion;
  • providing information service to HGV drivers on availability of parking places.
 Justification: CROCODILE II CROATIA project will connect administrators of Croatian road infrastructure and providers of traffic information services, and enable the exchange of available traffic data, as well as information on traffic infrastructure (statistical or dynamic information, for example, geographical information or information on parking places for HGVs).


The implementation of ITS Directive and the implementation of DATEX II standard to the facilities for reporting, monitoring and managing of traffic will enable the development of unique Intelligent Transport System (ITS) at the level of the Republic of Croatia and its involvement in transport systems of surrounding countries and the remaining part of Europe, which is of most interest for the Republic of Croatia as a transport link between Western Europe and the south.
Project implementation period: 1 May 2016 - 30 September 2019

Project value:

EUR 10,956,000.00
The value of co-financing from the EU: EUR 9,312,600.00 (85%)
Co-financing: The project is co-funded by the European Union through the CEF programme.

Contact person for additional information:

Tatjana Matković

Phone number: +385 1 65 15 353

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Traffic On Motorway

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Zagreb/Lučko - jctn. Karlovac
  • Regularly, dry roadway
jctn. Karlovac - jctn. Bosiljevo 2
  • Regularly, dry roadway
jctn. Bosiljevo 2 - jctn. Kikovica
  • Wet roadway
jctn. Kikovica - Rijeka/jctn. Orehovica
  • Regularly, dry roadway
jctn. Orehovica - jctn. Diračje
  • Regularly, dry roadway
GP Rupa - jctn. Diračje
  • Regularly, dry roadway
Krk Bridge
  • Regularly, dry roadway

Traffic in Croatia

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