Autocesta Rijeka - Zagreb d.d., a company for construction and operation of the motorway, Zagreb, Širolina 4, OIB: 96330310281 (hereinafter: ARZ) hereby notifies its contactless electronic toll collection users in the in the post-paid system with a credit/INA card (Master, Visa, Visa Premium, Diners and INA), of the news considering the use of their ARZ ENC device. Starting from 17 August 2020, the device, in accordance with the contract with ARZ, besides the motorways and/or tolled structures operated by ARZ (A1 – from Lučko junction to Bosiljevo, A6 – from Bosiljevo junction to Grobnik, A7 Rupa and the Krk Bridge ) and motorways and/or tolled structures operated by the company HRVATSKE AUTOCESTE d.o.o. (hereinafter: HAC) can be used, with no additional registration, on the Istrian Y Motorway as well (which includes the 141km long sections Umag-Pula and Kanfanar –Matulji), operated by the company BINA-ISTRA d.d. (hereinafter: BINA.

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On the two-lane roads the emergency corridor is formed by moving the vehicles in the right lane as far as possible to the right and the vehicles in the left lane as far as possible to the left. On three-lane roads, the middle lane is cleared by moving the vehicles in the middle lane as far as possible to the right and by providing access to emergency vehicles.

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Advice for driving on a motorway


During summer months, motorway traffic is extremely dense and occasionally there is congestion due to high traffic demand. We appeal to the users due to their safety and safety of other traffic participants to show a high level of responsibility while driving, because, unfortunately, in the last few days, we have witnessed several serious traffic accidents with fatalities.

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ETC packages can be purchased at all Toll Plazas 24/7.
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Relocation of D6 state road

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Project name: Feasibility study preparation for the Project "Relocation of D6 state road, from Novigrad Interchange to Lišnica - Karlovačka County"
Project Coordinator: Autocesta Rijeka - Zagreb d.d., company for construction and operation of the motorway Širolina 4, 10 000 Zagreb
Project Objective: The project aims to develop a feasibility study which includes a cost-benefit analysis for this project, as a prerequisite for the development of the region, removing bottlenecks, facilitating cross-border traffic for the purpose of increasing quality preparedness of the project to apply for co-financing from the European structural and investment funds for the period from 2014 - 2020.
Justification: A part of the D6 state road from Netretić to Novigrad Interchange was built, including the Novigrad interchange, and it is necessary to build the second part of the D6 state road from the Novigrad Intechange to Lišnica in the length of 4.44 km, which will bypass the urban structure of the city of Karlovac, and enable direct connection of traffic to the motorway from the Duga Resa area and the Bihać region in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To provide a more efficient connection on the transport route: the Republic of Slovenia - Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to achieve the shortest road connection of northern and central Europe with the Adriatic.
15 November, 2014 to 15 November, 2015
Contracted value
of the Project:
384,000.00 kn (without VAT)
Contractor: WYG SAVJETOVANJE d.o.o. and RIJEKAPROJEKT d.o.o.

Summary of the Feasibility Study for the project
"Relocation of D6 state road, from Novigrad Interchange to Lišnica - Karlovac County"
The starting point for the justifiability of the project "Relocation of D6 state road from Novigrad Interchange to Lišnica - Karlovac County" is primarily the traffic load of D6 state road passing through the centre of the city of Karlovac. As the county centre, Karlovac has historically always been an important traffic junction on the route from the Central and Eastern Europe to the Adriatic Sea. The traffic load of the City is becoming a serious problem in terms of environmental aspects, traffic capacity, traffic safety and quality of life in general. As much as 78% of traffic load in the city traffic in Karlovac is accounted for by transit traffic from D1, D3 and D6 state roads, as well as vehicles leaving the A1 motorway. The existing situation with the current average annual daily traffic limits the passenger and freight traffic, primarily on the route Slovenia - Bosnia and Herzegovina, while in the future, assuming the AADT growth of 1%, it would be a serious problem. In addition to the aforementioned, the traffic load issue in Karlovac is reflected in adverse effects on the environment, that is, on the health and safety of people in the city, which is not in accordance with the regional and national development strategies, and thus the European development strategies and guidelines.

The construction of the Novigrad Interchange and the relocation of a part of D6 state road (Novigrad - Netretić Interchange) partly redirected the transit traffic from the state road to the motorway, but also to the next interchange Karlovac. The relocation of the state road Novigrad - Lišnica Interchange was planned as the second phase of D6 relocation, which is the subject project.

The study considered three variants of the future subject section. The impacts on the local community, environment, construction costs and technical characteristics of the construction have been taken into consideration as the criteria for the selection of the optimum variant in the multi-criteria analysis. According to the aforementioned criteria, variant 1 is optimum as compared to the other two variants because it combines a positive impact on the local community and environment, good technical specifications of the road, and is characterised by a high level of service. This variant is placed from the Maletić flyover (Novigrad Interchange), to the northwest-southeast direction and bypasses the town of Novigrad from the north side, it is optimally adapted to the terrain configuration and conditions, it includes a bridge 378 m in length, which is placed over the inundation area and the River Dobra, and ends in Lišnica with a connection to the D3 state road. The route is placed so as to pass through the previously unconstructed area at the appropriate distance from the town in order to ensure the shortest possible travel time. The total length of the road section is 4,440 m with a calculation speed of 80 km/h. The investment value of the selected variant 1 amounts to HRK 109,412,500.00, which, as a whole, represents eligible costs for co-financing from EU funds.

The financial analysis, as well as the socio-economic cost-benefit analysis assessed the optimum variant as suitable for co-financing from public resources of EU funds. The results of this study indicate that the project is justified, feasible and socially beneficial with co-financing from EU funds.

The project is in accordance with the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 - 2020, the priority 7a Supporting a multimodal Single European Transport Area by investing in the TEN-T, and the specific objective 7a1 improvement of the TEN-T road network and access to the TEN-T road network. The project is also harmonised with the Transport Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia for the period 2014 - 2030, as well as with other national, regional and local documents.

Please contact us for more information on the Feasibility Study for the project "Relocation of D6 state road, from Novigrad Interchange to Lišnica - Karlovac County"

Co-financing: The project is co-financed by the European Union (with 85% of the project value) from the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Programme Transport 2007- 2013. 15 percent of the project value will be co-financed by Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb d.d.
Contact person
for additional
Sanjin-Velebit Pešut
Telephone no.: +385 1 6515 360
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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