Autocesta Rijeka - Zagreb d.d., a company for construction and operation of the motorway, Zagreb, Širolina 4, OIB: 96330310281 (hereinafter: ARZ) hereby notifies its contactless electronic toll collection users in the in the post-paid system with a credit/INA card (Master, Visa, Visa Premium, Diners and INA), of the news considering the use of their ARZ ENC device. Starting from 17 August 2020, the device, in accordance with the contract with ARZ, besides the motorways and/or tolled structures operated by ARZ (A1 – from Lučko junction to Bosiljevo, A6 – from Bosiljevo junction to Grobnik, A7 Rupa and the Krk Bridge ) and motorways and/or tolled structures operated by the company HRVATSKE AUTOCESTE d.o.o. (hereinafter: HAC) can be used, with no additional registration, on the Istrian Y Motorway as well (which includes the 141km long sections Umag-Pula and Kanfanar –Matulji), operated by the company BINA-ISTRA d.d. (hereinafter: BINA.

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On the two-lane roads the emergency corridor is formed by moving the vehicles in the right lane as far as possible to the right and the vehicles in the left lane as far as possible to the left. On three-lane roads, the middle lane is cleared by moving the vehicles in the middle lane as far as possible to the right and by providing access to emergency vehicles.

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Advice for driving on a motorway


During summer months, motorway traffic is extremely dense and occasionally there is congestion due to high traffic demand. We appeal to the users due to their safety and safety of other traffic participants to show a high level of responsibility while driving, because, unfortunately, in the last few days, we have witnessed several serious traffic accidents with fatalities.

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ETC packages can be purchased at all Toll Plazas 24/7.
phone info line
+385 1 6504 899


  1. Where can I buy an ETC device / ETC package and SMART cards?
    • ETC devices and SMART cards can be purchased at all Autocesta Rijeka - Zagreb d.d. points of sale, specifically: Lučko, Grobnik, Krk and Rupa.
      ETC packages can also be purchased at all the above mentioned Autocesta Rijeka - Zagreb d.d. points of sale, at the Toll Plazas in the concession area managed by the Autocesta Rijeka - Zagreb d.d. companies 24/7.

  2. What is the price of ETC devices and packages?
    • The sales price of an ETC device is HRK 122.00 (VAT included), and the sales price of an additional carrier for the ETC device is HRK 20.00. The minimum amount of a one-time subscription payment is HRK 100.00, except in the case of a seasonal ETC device during a seasonal period for which there are minimum prescribed payment amounts for legal and natural persons depending on the vehicle category.
    • Three types of ETC devices are offered, depending on the value:
      • Package 420 = device HRK 120.00 + toll HRK 300.00
      • Package 610 = device HRK 110.00 + toll HRK 500.00
      • Package 1000 = device HRK 100.00 + toll HRK 900.00

  3. Is an ETC device limited to only one vehicle category?
    • An ETC device can be used for all vehicle categories, however, upon purchase you should choose the category of vehicle (IA, I, II, III and IV) for your ETC device. Data on the vehicle category that you want to use and that you have listed on the application form is registered in the ARZ information system.

  4. Is a SMART card limited to only one licence plate and vehicle category?
    • The SMART card is a contactless magnetic card and is not connected to a licence plate or vehicle category, it is transferrable, which means that it applies to the holder paying the toll at the exit toll plaza, regardless of the vehicle category for which it was purchased. The price of a SMART card is HRK 30.00, and the minimum payment amounts to HRK 100.00.
    • A seasonal SMART card is limited to the vehicle category, and upon the expiry of the seasonal period (1 November - 31 March), its use is continued as a SMART card with 21.74% discount, but for the category for which it was issued (General Conditions for the use of seasonal SMART card Art. 4.12).

  5. On which motorways can ARZ ETC devices be used?
    • ARZ ETC devices can be used on the following motorways: A1: Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik; A3: Bregana-Zagreb-Lipovac; A4: Zagreb-Varaždin-Goričan; A5: Beli Manastir-Osijek-Svilaj; A6: Zagreb-Rijeka; A7: Rupa-Rijeka; Krk Bridge, A10: Ploče-BH border crossing-jctn. Metković; A11: Zagreb-Sisak and all sections operated by the company Bina-Istra d.d. provided that you previously open a user account at Bina-Istra d.d. pursuant to their conditons.

  6. Where are the ARZ points of sale located and what are their opening hours?
    • The ARZ points of sale are situated on the following locations:
      1. Lučko Point of Sale - at the Lučko Toll Plaza, 10450 Lučko, Jadranska avenija 6
             Opening hours: workdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays from 7 a.m. to noon
      2. Grobnik Point of Sale - at the Grobnik Toll Plaza
             Opening hours: workdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays from 7 a.m. to noon
      3. Point of Sale at the Krk Bridge - at the Krk Bridge Toll Plaza
             Opening hours: workdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays from 7 a.m. to noon
      4. Rupa Point of Sale - at the Rupa Toll Plaza
             Opening hours: workdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  7. How can I top up my ETC / SMART card account?
    • The ETC/SMART accounts can be topped up by way of the ARZ Web Shop portal (credit cards), at the ARZ points of sale (cash, credit and debit cards), by payment slip, Internet banking and ARZ SMS vouchers.
      Note: SWIFT cost is charged in the amount of HRK 40.00 by PBZ for the wire transfers from abroad.
    • Payments are made using the following IBAN:
      IBAN HR8223400091502010967 (Zagreb)
      IBAN HR2123400091510137367 (Rijeka)
      opened at Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.
    • When making a payment, the following should be specified
      - in favour of: Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb d.d.
      - giro account: above mentioned
      - desired amount (a minimum of HRK 100.00)
      - reference number: user account number (ETC device/SMART card)
      - model: 17/00
      - description: ETC/SMART top-up payment
    • Data for topping up an ETC/SMART account from abroad:
      - Company: Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb d.d.
      - Street/number: Širolina 4
      - Postal code/City: 10 000 Zagreb
      - Country: Croatia
      - VAT number: HR96330310281
      - Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb
      - Bank address: Račkoga 6, Zagreb
      - SWIFT code: PBZGHR2X
      - IBAN for payments in euro: HR1623400091100148333
      - IBANfor payments in kuna: HR8223400091502010967
      - Desired amount: HRK xxx or EUR xxx
      - Reference number: state the ETC device/SMART card number or user account number
      - Purpose: "ETC" or "SMART"

  8. How can the users pay toll for motorcycles, motor tricycles and quadricycles?
    • Motorcycles, motor tricycles and quadricycles belong to the IA category of vehicles (motor vehicles with the characteristic of motorcycle, motor tricycle and quadricycle). There is also ARZ MOTO ETC and ARZ MOTO SMART for this category. Each legal or natural person can become an ARZ MOTO ETC/SMART user after signing the application form asking to be issued an ARZ MOTO ETC/SMART, and supplying all the documents specified in the application form. Users pay the toll specified for the IA category reduced by 21.74% upon passing the toll plaza.

  9. Can an ETC device/SMART card be used immediately upon payment?
    • Should you make a payment at one of our ARZ points of sale, via SMS vouchers or through the WEB shop portal, the ETC device/SMART card can be used 30 minutes after the top up payment on the ARZ sections, whereas on the sections managed by Croatian Motorways Ltd. (HAC), it can be used within two hours after the payment, due to the time necessary for the list (data) exchange in the ARZ and HAC interoperable system. In case of payment via a payment slip, the device can be used the following day, or two days upon payment in case of weekends and holidays, depending on the date the payment was booked in the bank statement.
      Explanation: Bank statements are entered into books every morning (except on Sundays and holidays) for payments from the previous day. If the payment was made at any time through Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., it will be visible the next day. If the payment was made until noon in another bank, it will be entered into books the following morning, and in case the payment was made in the afternoon, it will be visible the following day.

  10. How can I check my ETC/SMART card account balance?
    • You can check your ETC/SMART card account balance on the ARZ Web shop portal, if you call us free at 0800-0111, or at the Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb d.d. points of sale. The ETC account balance can also be checked by sending a text message containing the "E number of ETC device" (10 numbers in the middle behind 06 xxxxxxxxxx) at the number +385 99 2180 791. The ETC account balance can also be checked by sending a text message containing: "ARZ-space-S-space- ETC device number (10 numbers in the middle behind 06 xxxxxxxxxx)" at the number +385 99 6515 555. Both lowercase and uppercase characters can be used in text messages.

  11. Is there a discount for toll amount when using an ETC device / SMART card?
    • By using an ETC device/SMART card as a prepaid toll payment method, a 21.74% discount is approved to the toll amount each time upon passing through the motorway.
    • There is also a seasonal 33.48% discount that is applied to the toll amount when you are using a seasonal ETC device/ SMART card in the period from 1 November of the current year until 31 March of the following year.
      During the rest of the year, the ETC device/ SMART card can be used as a regular commercial device/card with a discount of 21.74%. Transferring a commercial ETC device/SMART card into a seasonal one and vice-versa can be done only once in the entire period of using the ETC device/SMART card.
    • Purchase of the seasonal subscription model depends on the minimum amounts prescribed according to the vehicle category, both for legal and natural persons. If existing users wish to transfer and contract payment via an ETC device with a credit card standing order, it is necesary to transfer the remaining amount of prepaid funds on the commercial ETC to another user's account (if any) or to return the funds to the giro or current account of the user, or use the remaining amount to pay the remainder of the toll. Only after the previously stated conditions have been met, the user may contract and transfer to payments via the ETC device with a credit card standing order.
    • By using an ETC device with a standing order, the motorway user receives a 13.04% discount to toll amount, which applies to I and II category of vehicles.
    • Subsequent toll payment via an ETC device with an Erste Card Club-Diners credit card standing order issued in the Republic of Croatia may be contracted at the Points of Sale, and the contract shall be concluded on the name of the owner (natural or legal person) of the Diners credit card. The receipt for each passage is formed once a month, and the contract for credit card payments is valid until the party asks for contract termination in written form, or until the issuer of the Erste Card Club Diners card blocks and disables the use of the credit card. The price of ETC device is HRK 122.00, and can be paid by cash or card. The device becomes active immediately.
    • Minimum amounts of payments in the period from 1 November until 31 March are as follows:
      • for natural persons:
        • vehicle category I   - HRK 1,200.00;
        • vehicle category II - HRK 1,900.00;
        • vehicle category III - HRK 2,700.00 and
        • vehicle category IV - HRK 4,100.00
      • for legal persons:
        • vehicle category I -   HRK 3,000.00;
        • vehicle category II -   HRK 5,000.00;
        • vehicle category III - HRK 7,000.00 and
        • vehicle category IV - HRK 11,000.00.

  12. Is there a special discount for trucks?
    • For vehicle categories III and IV for ETC devices with standing order, the following discounts are applied:
      • EURO 3 - 30.43% discount is applied to toll amount
      • EURO 4 - 33,43% discount is applied to toll amount
      • EURO 5 - 35,43% discount is applied to toll amount

  13. How can I top up my ETC/SMART user account through the ARZ SMS e-voucher?
    • ARZ SMS e-vouchers for topping up the ETC/SMART account can be purchased in the value of HRK 75, 200, 400 and 800 at the points of sale of Tisak, iNovine, INA PS, Crodux PS, Petrol PS etc.
    • The ETC account is topped up by sending a text message at the mobile telephone number +385 99 6515 555.
    • Text message content:
      - ARZ ( available both in lowercase and uppercase characters )
      - space
      - ETC device (10 numbers in the middle - 06 xxxxxxxxxx)/ SMART card (xxxxxxxxxx) number
      - space
      - 14-figure voucher number
      Send the message to the number 099/6515-555 (when topping up using a mobile phone of a foreign operator, send the message to the number +385996515555).
      After completing the actions, you will receive a message on the successful topping up of your ETC / SMART account.
      If the user enters erroneous data into the text message, the mobile phone number will be blocked after three unsuccessful attempts and it will not be possible to top up the account from the subject number until the operators at the Info Centre ( 0800 0111 ) check and unblock the mobile phone number.
      The price of the text message depends on the tariff models and prices of the operator whose services the user is using.
      NOTE: During the seasonal period from 1 November of the current year until 31 March of the following year, the users of seasonal ETC devices / SMART cards cannot top up their accounts using the ARZ SMS e-vouchers!

  14. How can I register at the WEB SHOP portal ( and top up my user account by means of credit card?
    • Before using the ARZ Web shop portal services it is necessary to register.
      The user enters email address and selects username and password.
      Upon confirmed registration ( receiving an e-mail from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the user's registered e-mail address) the user signs up at the web shop portal by entering his username and password. Then select the option TOP-UP PAYMENT and enter the top-up amount (not lower than HRK 100.00) => click PAYMENT=> a new window opens where the user enters the required data - type of credit/bank card, card number, user's personal information=> click ORDER. The top-up procedure is then finalised.
      Top-up can be performed by the following credit and bank cards issued in the country and abroad: Visa, MasterCard and Diners.
      SWIFT costs are not charged for payments from abroad via the Web Shop portal.

  15. What does "Island ETC" refer to?
    • An "Island ETC" device is an ETC device for free passage over the Krk Bridge and the motorways operated by Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb d.d., Croatian Motorways Ltd. with a 21.74% discount to the toll amount, and the Bina Istra d.d. sections (provided you have previously registered pursuant to their terms and conditions). Any natural person with residence on the Island of Krk, Cres, Rab or Lošinj and any legal entity or craft businesses with a seat registered on the islands mentioned above (pursuant to the Island Act, Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia No. 34/99 and 32/02) can become the owner of an "Island ETC" device. When purchasing an "Island ETC" at the Krk Bridge Point of Sale, natural persons should bring a valid registration card and ID card as proof of residence, while legal entities should bring a registration card and an excerpt from the Commercial Court or a trade licence.
      The Island ETC device is used in the period until the expiry of the valid registration card, after which the user has to submit his registration card with the renewed expiry date to the Krk Bridge Point of Sale (after conducted technical examination of the vehicle), along with the other necessary documents.

  16. Who is exempt from paying toll?
  17. What is the procedure for issuing the R-1 invoice for companies?
    • R-1 invoices for companies for paying toll in cash are issued only at toll booths. Since the R-1 invoice for cash payments cannot be issued afterwards, please ask the cashier upfront to provide an R-1 invoice for companies when paying.
    • The specified regulation does not refer to the Toll Plaza Rupa and Toll Plaza Demerje, for which R-1 invoices are not issued at the toll plaza, therefore it is necessary to subsequently send the original cash register receipts received for toll payment, together with the written Request for issuing an R-1 invoice, via mail to the following address: Hrvatske autoceste održavanje i naplata cestarine d.o.o. Sektor za naplatu cestarine, Odjel za prihod, prodaju i logistiku, Jadranska av. 6, 10250 Lučko.
    • If you are paying the toll with an INA Card, the R-1 invoice for executed transactions in the previous month is issued until the 15th day of the current month at the latest, and it is not necessary to send a special written Request for R-1 invoice.
    • In order to receive an R-1 invoice for the toll paid by bank/credit card, it is necessary to file a Request for R-1 invoice per bank cards, and the form can be found on the WEB site of the company (www//
    • The filled out and signed Request can be delivered via mail to the address: Hrvatske autoceste održavanje i naplata cestarine d.o.o. Sektor za naplatu cestarine, Odjel za prihod, prodaju i logistiku, Jadranska av. 6, 10250 Lučko, vie e-mail at the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or at the fax number 01-6515-494.
    • The request is valid for the entire calendar year, and if there is no change in the data listed in the request, it is not necessary to send it again during the year or to deliver slips on paid toll from the toll booths.
    • The R-1 invoice for an ETC package purchased at the toll plazas is delivered subsequently, if you have filled out all the necessary data in the Application form provided in the ETC package upon the purchase of the ETC device.

  18. What is a contractual penalty and when is it charged?
  • The user is charged a contractual penalty double the amount of toll for the longest distance and the corresponding category of vehicles, from the exit point for the motorway direction used, in case the user:
    • arrives to the exit toll gate without a record of entry on the transit medium. The ETC device, SMART card and magnetic ticket are the transit media used for toll collection.
    • arrives at the exit toll gate with a record on the transit medium older than 24 hours, and there is no evidence of the reason for them remaining on the motorway
    • damages the transit medium in a way that it cannot be used for toll payment
    • swaps the transit medium, meaning that they do not use, at the exit toll gate, the same transit medium issued at the motorway entry
    • uses at the exit a transit medium which has already been cancelled (processed) by the toll collection system
    • if the user passes through the toll gate without stopping and without paying the toll (violent passage)
  • Pursuant to Article 140 paragraph 3 of the Road Traffic Safety Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia No. 67/2008), U-turns are prohibited on the motorway. If a vehicle exits the motorway at the same toll plaza in which they had entered, regardless of the time of turning and the direction of using the motorway, it pays the longest distance for the corresponding vehicle category from the exit point for the motorway direction used.



we hereby inform that you can express in writing your discontent with the purchased product or provided service, at our business location where we will provide you with a confirmation of the complaint. You can submit your complaint using one of the following possibilities:

  • by post on the address: Hrvatske autoceste održavanje i naplata cestarine d.o.o., Koturaška cesta 43, Zagreb, Hrvatska
  • on fax number: + 385 1 6504 801
  • on e-mail adresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • calling the telephone line: + 385 800 0111  


For additional information please contact the ARZ Info Centre on our toll-free number 0800 0111.




Traffic On Motorway

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Zagreb/Lučko - jctn. Karlovac
  • Regularly, dry roadway
jctn. Karlovac - jctn. Bosiljevo 2
  • Regularly, dry roadway
jctn. Bosiljevo 2 - jctn. Kikovica
  • Regularly, moist roadway
jctn. Kikovica - Rijeka/jctn. Orehovica
  • Wet roadway
jctn. Orehovica - jctn. Diračje
  • Wet roadway
GP Rupa - jctn. Diračje
  • Wet roadway
Krk Bridge
  • Wet roadway

Traffic in Croatia

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Data currently not available.
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